Here is my book catalogue: My Books. It's only part of my collection, less than a quarter, cataloguing is dull even with the assistance of great programs like Tellico.

The catalogue includes some duplicate entries. In some cases I really do have two copies but mostly it's just that I forgot I had already added the book. Also don't take details like the cover pictures too seriously, much of it is downloaded automatically using the ISBN number as a key and the various services don't always have exactly the right information.

I'm considering downsizing the collection because I'm running out of space; this probably only means getting rid of old paperbacks that no one wants because a lot have sentimental value even if I will never read them again, or indeed at all in the case of many of my late wife's books. Still, if you think that you could offer a good home to any of the books in the catalogue drop me a line (details at the bottom of the page); I might be willing to give away some and sell others. A few have already gone, you can see which ones by looking for a Bookcrossing entry, later I will add a field to show whether the book is available or not.

Come back later to see if my book catalogue has grown.