Diamond Geezers


Author: Williams, Greg; Williams, Greg.
Binding: Paperback
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Publisher: Fourth Estate
Copyright Year:
Publication Year: 1997
ISBN#: 978-1-85702-749-5
Pages: 222
Language: English


Ron Chisholm, small-time villain: runs a tidy loansharking and gambling operation. Russell Fisher, terrace legend gone straight: adrift in a wage-slave world of take-aways and nights down the boozer. Ron's got something Russell wants - and it's not his offer of gainful employment on the firm - something that's been Russell's all along. Ron doesn't know it yet, but Russell's planning on taking it back.

Council leader Goodge has rubber-stamped the odd late licence for Ron’s club. He reckons Ron owes him. But there's trouble brewing in Illingford - the streets are electric and the police are getting jumpy. Goodge needs a bit of muscle and he knows just where to find it.

Zaffir Khan's on life support. He owed Ron folding, which meant he had a visit from Trevor, Ron’s psychotic little brother. It weren't personal, but Trevor can't stand being messed around.

Polo geezers and page three princesses rub shoulders with gangsters and politicians in Greg Williams' razor-sharp first novel. Hilarious, disturbing and always brutally realistic, Diamond Geezers is where Pulp Fiction lurks in contemporary London.