Ghost From The Grand Banks, The


Author: Clarke, Arthur C.; Clarke, Arthur C
Binding: Paperback
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Publisher: PB-27 Bantam Science Fiction Very Good 1992
Copyright Year:
Publication Year: 1992-12
ISBN#: 978-1-85723-070-3
Pages: 253
Language: English


It is 2010. In just two years' time it will be the centennial of an event that has haunted the world: the sinking of the Titanic.
The remains of what was once the world's greatest ocean liner lie four kilometres down on the Grand Banks of the Atlantic Ocean, an endless reminder of the frailty of man's technology in the face of natural perils. But, a hundred years on, the urge to raise the wreck is irresistible.
From the West comes one solution; from the East another. Both are marvels of technological imagination; both can succeed. But there are other powers at work, and the wreck on the Grand Banks may still hold a surprise or two for those that would return her to the eyes of the world...
THE GHOST FROM THE GRAND BANKS is one of the finest works of science fiction's Grand Master; a superb marriage of subject and author, and a major SF event.