Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed


Author: Cornwell, Patricia
Binding: Paperback
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Publisher: Time Warner
Copyright Year:
Publication Year: 2003-06-05
ISBN#: 978-0-7515-3359-0
Pages: 483
Language: English


Between August and November 1888 five women were murdered in Whitechapel. The gruesome nature of their deaths caused panic and fear for months in the East End, and gave rise to the sobriquet which was to become shorthand for a serial killer - Jack the Ripper.

For over a hundred years the identity of the killer has remained on the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. Until now. Using her formidable range of forensic and technical skills, Patricia Cornwell has applied the rigorous discipline of twenty-first-century police investigation to the extant material, and here presents the hard evidence that the perpetrator of the Whitechapel murders was the world famous artist, Walter Sickert.

With her knowledge of criminal investigation and her consummate skills as a bestselling writer, Patricia Cornwell has produced a book which is as compelling as it is authentic - the definite account of one of the world's most famous murder mysteries.