Tao of Love and Sex, The


Subtitle: Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy, The
Author: Chang, Jolan
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Publisher: Wildwood House
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Publication Year: 1977
ISBN#: 0-7045-0188-0
Pages: 136
Language: en


Due to its prolific reproduction and the external development of the transparent embryo, the zebrafish is the prime model for genetic and developmental studies, as well as research in genomics. While genetically distant from humans, nonetheless the vertebrate zebrafish has comparable organs and tissues that make it the model organism for study of vertebrate development. This book will provide overview of commonly used methods and a comprehensive collection of protocols describing the most powerful techniques. The methods and techniques in this volume were chosen by the editors of Methods in Cell Biology, whose goal was to provide fail-safe methods, tips, and "tricks of the trade” to experienced researchers and more junior members in the lab.

* Provides busy researchers a quick reference for time-tested methods and protocols that really work
* Includes "quick tips and tricks” for each method
* Provides pragmatic wisdom to the non-specialist from experts in the field with years of experience with trial and error